We all dream big but seldom do we translate it into action. Courage dedication and perseverance are all we need to make things fall into the accurate place and do something out of the box for the society. This program was launched by Azhar Maqsusi around three years ago when he saw a physically handicapped woman, named Laxmi who was crying and begging for food instead for money near the railway junction. It was from that day the noble man himself started feeding the poor people without fail, every single day. As he relates the strive of hunger with himself who has seen days without food and survived the most difficult days that life has shown to him after the death of his father when he was 4 years old. Azhar Maqsusi himself knows how it feels to sleep hungry and that day itself after seeing this woman he gave the food he was carrying to the home. Everyday around a large number of poor and homeless needy people are being given a decent meal under the Dabeerpura in Hyderabad by the noble man himself Azhar Maqsusi and his volunteers. It is well said that hunger has no religion and this has been proved by Azhar Maqsusi as he serves food without any biases based on religion. Every man, woman, and child are given quality food to full their stomach those who have not eaten for days and are served well by Azhar Maqsusi who has been running this social service so sincerely out of his own pocket for a period as long as more than three years. Food packets were distributed earlier but later but now food is well cooked and served hot to homeless and poor people under the flyover. Under this program around 100-120 men, women and children are fed on a regular basic.