Do Roti Campaign

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Most of the people know India as a developed country with rising billionaire class, but beneath all these signs of prosperity, India is still one of the most malnourished nations of the world. Despite all economic growth high level of poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition persists in our country.
We all dream big but seldom do we translate it into action. Courage dedication and perseverance are all we need to make things fall into the accurate place and do something out of the box for the society. Daily around large numbers of people including old age men, women  and children  in our society are dying due to hunger and malnutrition, poor people are not enough capable of affording a decent meal twice a day thus to help them and their families  with this struggling situation we have introduced Free food program for all homeless and poor people. We have started this program with the main motto to distribute and serve good quality food amongst homeless and poor people.
Under this program decent and adequate quantity meal is served with a second helping if required, quality food is being served to poor people across India for free and these people are not charged any cost in return. Large people gather in line waiting for their turn to avail single meal per day. We are working continuously to improve the current scenario of malnutrition in India.
This program was launched by Azhar Maqsusi around three years ago when he saw a physically handicapped woman, named Laxmi who was crying and begging for food instead for money near the railway junction. It was from that day the nobleman himself started feeding the poor people without fail, every single day.